Healthy & Fun Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Healthy food and kids – the words just don’t seem to fit together, do they? Tell a kid you’ve made them healthy food, and you’ll experience one of the biggest struggles known to mankind (okay, maybe a bit of exaggeration) in actually getting them to eat said healthy food.

So how can you overcome this issue, and get the kids to enjoy eating healthy food?

The answer is quite simple, really – make it fun!

We’ve put together a list of fun lunch box ideas for kids that just so happen to be healthy too!

1. Use Fun Shapes!

Making a healthy lunch fun for the kids can be as simple as cutting and organising the foods into fun shapes! Arranging fruit pieces to resemble flowers is easy and takes hardly any time, and sandwiches can be cut into fun a range of fun shapes using a cookie shape cutter!

2. Make it Interesting!

It can make a world of difference by simply making something that looks boring and basic into something interesting that kids will enjoy! Simple foods like ham and cheese or watermelon and berries don’t have a huge appeal to kids, but by popping them on some skewers you can catch their attention and get them interested!

3. Make it Colourful!

Using colourful lunch boxes, colourful utensils, and including a whole lot of bright and colourful foods is a sure-fire way to make your kid want to eat healthy foods (or whatever you’ve put in the lunchbox really, they may not even notice)! Colour’s a perfect distraction!

So hopefully next time you’re wandering how on Earth you’re going to get your kids to eat a healthy lunch at school, Vacation Care or anywhere else, give one (or a combination) of these ideas a try!


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